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Grilled Fraiche with love

Food speaks to all of us,” says Peace Love, founder of Grilled Fraiche, a Cali-Caribbean hot spot that dishes up epic flavors, good music, positive vibes and heaps of big, welcoming community.

Since hitting the brick-and-mortar scene in South Central in 2017, Grilled Fraiche has been spreading goodness far and wide, opening two other popular locations in the area.

LA born and raised, Love loved everything about his neighborhood with one exception: the food. “It was all processed,” he recalls. Not fresh, not healthy. Just fast and filling.

Love was determined to bring good-for-you food to communities like his that often struggle with health disparities caused by limited dietary options.

Grilled Fraiche uses only the finest sourced ingredients, from free-range halal meat and sustainable seafood, to just-picked vegetables from local farms. Everything is prepared on the spot — an irresistible fusion of African, Creole, Cajun, Latin American and European flavors rubbed, marinated and grilled to perfection with just the right amount of heat.

As one of many five-star reviewers put it, “Food is the bomb!”

Step up to order luscious bean “Believe” stew in coconut milk, aromatic garlic noodles, salmon-stuffed eggrolls, signature plantains and bread pudding so beloved it could launch it’s own Insta account

“We consider ourselves a village,” Love explains of a determination to connect human beings from all walks of life with “accessible, quality, and high-vibrational food. We are about uplifting humanity, kindly.”

The move to Hollywood Park is an exciting one for the Grilled Fraiche team. “It’s the biggest stage we’ve ever been on,” says Love. “It’ll be a great place to see that flow of energy.” 

Given the lines flowing out the doors of their other locations, you can count on it.


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