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Iconix Delivers a Powerhouse Community

The way Kurt Schneiter, co-owner of Iconix Fitness, sees it, “people “don’t want to have just a digital experience in life. They’re really after human interaction.”

Human interaction — along with a supportive community centered on fitness, well-being and fun — is what Schneiter and his team know how to deliver.

We sell a path to happiness through fitness.

Launched in Long Beach in 2017, Iconix Fitness has racked up more five star reviews than barbells. The accolades are powerhouse, too, ranging from “the employees are friendly and welcoming and the trainers are next level,” to It’s f#%^ing amazing!!” 

As soon as Schneiter and his team learned about Hollywood Park with its prime location next to SOFI stadium and close to the beach and downtown, they wanted in. Being situated in an iconic location “is the reason we call it Iconix,” says Schneiter, whose Long Beach site overlooks the ocean. 

Their new location does some heavy lifting. Picture if you will a fitness palace the size of a football field with a rooftop pool, more than a hundred indoor and outdoor classes, a turf area, and dedicated spaces for massages and treatments, such as restorative sessions for chronic pain and mobility issues, capped off with a massive, airy, natural light-filled arena for weights, cardio, and stretching.

There will also be lots of opportunities to socialize, such as “Wine Down Wednesdays,” which will bring the community together over wine and non-alcoholic beverages. 

In honor of its new Inglewood home, Iconix will include a wall of fame of neighborhood residents who’ve accomplished outstanding athletic achievements over the years. 

As Schneiter puts it, “we sell a path to happiness through fitness.”

happy days are just ahead