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Good times on Tap at Three Weavers Brewing Company

Lynne Weaver is no stranger to Inglewood. The founder and owner of Three Weavers Brewing Company (named for her three children), Weaver opened a taproom and brewery in an old warehouse on the east side of town back in 2013.

“Home brewing was one of my hobbies,” says Weaver, who’d been looking for a way to parlay a great passion for good beer into a solid business that could support her family. Encouraged by friends to go for it, she did, launching Three Weavers thanks to enthusiastic support from crowdfunding fans. She also brought in an acclaimed brew wizard Alexandra Nowell (one of the few women brewmasters around) to work her magic. Their collective sense of passion for craft beer is reflected in every brew on tap.

Moving to Inglewood wasn’t part of the original plan, but one look at the space on West Manchester Blvd — and the burgeoning creative vibrancy of the surrounding community — sold Weaver on it.

Three Weavers is one of Los Angles county’s largest independent breweries, and people flock from the neighborhood and all over to sample its core and seasonal beers, from lagers to pale ales to IPAs.

“Our ethos is family and community,” says Weaver, a fierce champion of Inglewood and its cadre of local businesses.

“As a person who is BIPOC,” says Weaver, “I feel there is a massive disadvantage within entrepreneurial avenues for somebody who happens to be Black, Indigenous or a person of color.”

To her, Hollywood Park is culturing an “authentic experience” from Game Day to every day, and she cheers the fact that it’s providing a dynamic showcase for Inglewood’s small businesses. “I would say to any retailer that if you have the opportunity to be part of such an incredible development, I wouldn’t pass it up.”

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